Exclusive Lessons From Patrick Ganino

Underwater Mural


murals35.jpgThe underwater mural is a beautiful example of a speedy visual technique. Its wonderful impact is quick to complete without sacrificing visual quality. The actual process of painting the mural is considered in a layered progression. Using latex house paint allows for fast dry time, and inexpensive acrylic paints are used for the individual ocean elements. I hope you enjoy the underwater mural process. ... Read More

Trompe L'oeil Paneling


panel_colors_numbered.gifOne of my most sought-after trompe l'oeil pieces is faux paneling. The effect is so realistic that when my photographer went to the home to take pictures of the above work, he walked into the room and did not know what he was supposed to photograph. The unexpected thing about faux paneling is that it is rather easy to do when following the basic steps. ... Read More

Tile Copper Inlay


final_copper.jpgOur decorative plaster copper tile inlay is the quintessential cost effect technique. It saves your client money without sacrificing any of the richness attached to the finished effect. The steps are deceptively simple, bringing you through a faux tile effect that is both unique and versatile. The dry time on all my plaster products are extremely fast causing the execution to be painless. This project is one that can be completed in one day and the cost to install is kept to a minimal. I pride myself on easy techniques and try to sincerely instill in my students this mentality. There is nothing better than mastering a simple yet impressively beautiful project which in turn creates a high margin of profit. ... Read More

Painting a Wine Mural


wine_complete.jpgThe trompe l'oeil wine murals has been a part of a small but lucrative niche within my mural painting business. It has become a great alternative to offer a customer who wants a mural but doesn't have the space that a mural deserves. Although there is great money involved in painting murals once you are established, sometimes painting a smaller niche holding wine bottles, a vase, or maybe even a window overlooking a customer's favorite travel location can make a more dramatic statement. ... Read More

Slate Mist Plaster with gold raised border


deco_finishes_1.jpgThis cool look is a great addition to any bath or mudroom. The effect carries a smooth look that can add the right amount of sophistication without being overly formal or fussy. The golden leaf border is created overtop the slate blue finish for a design that adds a touch of class. ... Read More